In the 1960s, automobiles manufactured in Japan consistently beats their competitors in American market. Many refers to the lean manufacturing methodology as the secret sauce. The software industries borrowed a lot of similar methodologies from TPS (Toyota Production System) into software development industry, which gave rise to agile software development.

For software to deliver value, it is not just about developing software in agile methodologies. A full SDLC (software development life cycle) includes build, release and upgrades too, some of which are managed in a different department in the organization.

DevOps extends agile methodology across departments. In the DevOps tooling landscape, the core is CI/CD pipelines to enable automation through SDLC, as well as software deployment to customer environment.

In addition to automation, DevOps involves many other aspects. For example a secure and efficient workflow to release application. Feedback is important for effective iterations, which requires observability. The observability configuration of an IT system determines the quality of feedback from real-life deployments, and eventually determines how fast an application can iterate towards maturity.

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