Infrastructure as Code

Modern IT practices maintain cloud infrastructure as code. It allows organizations to manage hardware as software and should be utilized where infrastructure management requires consistency and automation.

Infrastructure As Code: A DevOps Way To Manage IT Infrastructure - SPEC  INDIA

There are a number of IaC technologies in the market. Below is my opinion (as of mid-2021) on the common ones:

PlatformLevel of AbstractionFormatReadabilityLengthFlexibilityAPI support
CloudFormationAWSLowJSON or YAML templateEasyWordyLowDay-0 support
ARMAzureLowJSON templateMediumWordyLowDay-0 support
TerraformMultipleMedHCLMediumMediumMedCommunity Support
CDKAWSHighMultiple Programming LanguagesHardConciseHighDay-0 support
BicepAzureMedImproved JSONEasyConciseMedDay-0 support
PulumiMultipleHighMultiple Programming LanguagesHardConciseHighCommunity Support

Some are based on markup code (YAML, JSON). Some are based on DSL (HCL, Bicep). Some uses general-purpose programming language. They also have different levels of flexibility, and different skill requirements.

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