DICOM data encoding

DICOM is a standard for medical imaging exchanges, originally in radiology, but later expanded into other departments where mass imaging data are acquired, such as cardiology. One part of the DICOM standard defines how to lay out the data without providing any official code implementation. It is up to each vendor to implement their application … Read moreDICOM data encoding

Linux Admin Basics 3 of 3 – text processing, regex, sed & awk

Most of the text processing can be processed by awk and sed. Sed is non-interactive stream editor that allows you to specify all editing instructions in one place and execute them on a single pass through the file. Awk is a pattern-matching programming language. Using sed and awk requires some understanding of regular expressions. Here’s … Read moreLinux Admin Basics 3 of 3 – text processing, regex, sed & awk

Mindware – Tools for Smart Thinking by Nisbett

Reading Notes: Part I: Thinking About Thought Chp 1. Everything’s an Inference It’s possible to make fewer errors in judgment by following a few simple suggestions implicit in this chapter. Remember that all perceptions, judgments, and beliefs are inferences and not direct readouts of reality. This recognition should prompt an appropriate humility about just how … Read moreMindware – Tools for Smart Thinking by Nisbett

cron and anacron in RedHat Linux (How logrotate works)

Cron and anacron We all know cron is a job scheduler. Many admin uses crontab to manage scheduled task. It is also important to know that crontab works at different levels as well, as well as the distinction between cron and anacron. They are similar, but different, managed by different sets of files. Below is … Read morecron and anacron in RedHat Linux (How logrotate works)

Basics of Linux OS

These are the things quite confusing or abstract while I was at school but now makes lots of sense after many years working with different flavours of OS. GPL and BSD as software license types The main difference is that BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a permissive (non-protective) license, while GPL(GNU General Public License) is … Read moreBasics of Linux OS

CentOS – Remove Swap safely

If the default installation has swap on, you will see it from block device list: Many installations require swap to be off for performance reasons (although some advocate turning off swappiness of the application, instead of removing swap partition from operating system, which is a separate topic). This can be turned off by a simple … Read moreCentOS – Remove Swap safely