GitHub Action Gotchas

I started with GitHub Actions a couple years ago. Recently I came across a few interesting use cases while I was trying to setup Terraform workflow with GitHub actions. These use cases prompted me to make use some new features in GitHub Action. So I put them in a post here. Runners can assume IAM … Read moreGitHub Action Gotchas

Key mapping for external PC keyboard on Mac

This post is to document my steps to use external Windows keyboard on Mac with custom key mapping. Background Apple’s magic keyboard does not support multi-device so I have to repurpose my Logitech K810 keyboard with MacBook. Logitech K810 is and old model with Windows key layout even though it also supports MacOS. The bottom … Read moreKey mapping for external PC keyboard on Mac

AWS serverless services and developer tools

As discussed, serverless simply means cloud services that delegate autoscaling management to cloud platform. In my mind, the word “serverless” translates into “managed autoscaling”. As long as a service’s capacity is managed automatically, we can consider it as serverless. Given that capacity scaling accounts for a good amount of work in IT operation, moving to … Read moreAWS serverless services and developer tools

Computing services: from PaaS to Serverless

Silicon Valley startups in mid-2000s likely do not run their own IT operations (i.e. renting their own data centre spaces, purchasing their own rack-mounted servers). Since the launch of EC2, AWS has been renting extra computing capacity to those startups, in the IaaS model. The leased infrastructure requires maintenance work, and AWS realized that many … Read moreComputing services: from PaaS to Serverless