Digi Hunch contributes to open source community focusing on application deployment. Check out my GitHub page. Here are some recent projects:


Orthweb is a full deployment automation project for Orthanc, a medical imaging open-source application. The infrastructure layer is built in Terraform on AWS. The project brings up an DICOM-compliant imaging application on AWS automatically within 15 minutes.


Korthweb is an initiative to run Orthweb on Kubernetes platform. Korthweb brings up Orthanc service using a number of different approaches, making Orthanc a single-command deployment on existing Kubernetes platform.

Cloud Kube

CloudKube is Infrastructure as Code project for provisioning production grade Kubernetes clusters in common Cloud platforms (Azure and AWS).


Kubelab is an Infrastructure as Code project (in AWS CDK) to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with self-managed nodes. It is also a demonstration of using CDK in Python. Kubelab brings up a number of EC2 instances and automatically configures them as a Kubernetes cluster.


ATLab (Ansible Tower Lab) is an infrastructure-as-code project (in AWS CDK) to deploy an AWX (open-source alternative of Ansible Tower). It is also a demonstration of using CDK in TypeScript. AT Lab brings up an AWX server and automatically configures it.