professional service


Hunch Digital Services delivers professional IT services, including areas such as cloud platform, container platform, automation and security. Typical activity categories include:

Solution Design

Create a design or blueprint that meets your specific business requirement. The purpose is to ensure that the chosen solution aligns with your organization’s goals, objectives, and constraints, and that it is cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Architecture Review

Evaluate a proposed solution design against a set of architectural principles, standards, and best practices to ensure that the system meets its requirements and is scalable, maintainable, and secure. The purpose of architecture review is to ensure that the system design aligns with the organization’s overall business strategy and objectives, and that it can be easily modified or extended to meet changing needs.

System Review

Evaluates the current status of an implemented solution. We examine various aspects of the current system, such as technical infrastructure, logs, operation overheads, and interviews with focused groups to gather feedbacks from system users and other stakeholders. We also make recommendations based on architectural principals and best practices.

Proof of Concept

Evaluate the design by produce a prototype in order to understand the functionality, performance or interoperability. PoC activity helps stakeholders make informed decision about whether to proceed with the full implementation of the solution or not.


Put recommendations and solution designs into action to ensure that the deployed technology aligns with the design and meets the specific needs of the client.


A series of meetings to immerse the targeted group in a specific technical topic. Workshops familiarize the audiences with the technical topic through presentations, walk-throughs and labs. In addition to training, workshops also help generate insights and ideas, identify potential solutions or approaches, and develop a shared understanding of the complex problem at hand.