Kubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 2 of 2 – Node and Workload

For server CPU, the most common architectures today are amd64 (aka x86_64) and arm64. Although AMD developed the former first, Intel names it as x86_64 (or x64 for short). In terms of compatibility, they are the same. In general, arm64 architecture consumes less power and therefore mobile systems first favour it. Its power efficiency now … Read moreKubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 2 of 2 – Node and Workload

Kubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 1 of 2 – Container Image

While working on a multi-arch Kubernetes cluster, I came across quite a few issues with image logistics and decided to put these issues in a separate post here. The goal is to supply images with multi-arch support in a standard way. Therefore it is not advisable to rely only on arbitrary image tags to distinguish … Read moreKubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 1 of 2 – Container Image

Landing Zone in Azure

I recently renewed my associate administrator certification, and feel it’s a good opportunity to brush up on Azure landing zone. The lame part of this is the semantics. I found many similar terms across cloud service provider (CSPs). In the context of Azure, it makes sense to clarify the terms again for Cloud Adoption Framework … Read moreLanding Zone in Azure

DICOM testing over TLS

I have two open-source projects to deploy a medical imaging application on different platforms. In both of them, I define DICOM validation scenario, and provide steps to test DICOM traffic with TLS. The steps have been working well, until a recent change in Envoy broke the testing, and led me to revisit the test scenario. … Read moreDICOM testing over TLS

GitHub Action Gotchas

I started with GitHub Actions a couple years ago. Recently I came across a few interesting use cases while I was trying to setup Terraform workflow with GitHub actions. These use cases prompted me to make use some new features in GitHub Action. So I put them in a post here. Runners can assume IAM … Read moreGitHub Action Gotchas