Kubernetes Operator

Kubernetes has a number of tools to automate the deployment of a single workload. In previous posts, we had covered Helm and Kustomize. What are left unresolved is how to maintain the status of workload after deployment is completed. In this post, I will give an introduction to Kubernetes Operator. Compared with Helm (templating approach) … Read moreKubernetes Operator

FluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

This post explains why I land on FluxCD GitOps for my project. Let’s star Background In the Korthweb project, I landed on Istio for the Ingress Gateway technology. I first attempted to expand the orthanc Helm Chart to bring Istio as dependency (sub-chart). One of the external chart for Istio gateway needs to be referenced … Read moreFluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

Helm – Configuration Management for Kubernetes Resources

Developer ships application in Docker container, so it can eventually hosted in Kubernetes cluster. However, there are still some installation steps, before the application can operate online in production. In this post, we use the container image of Orthanc application as a starting point. We first build services in Kubernetes to go through these steps. … Read moreHelm – Configuration Management for Kubernetes Resources