Public Key Infrastructure 1 of 3 – Basics

In 2021, I wrote an intro to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Now that I have to host my own certificate authority, I decide to dive a little deeper into PKI in this series of posts. In software testing scenario, we need to issue (and recycle) a lot of certificates, and manage their lifecycle events such … Read morePublic Key Infrastructure 1 of 3 – Basics

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Introduction

A public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a set of roles, policies, hardware, software and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates and manage public-key encryption. The algorithms are based on Publick-key cryptography. The format of the digital certificate is defined in X.509 standard.  Certificate Authority – CA digitally signs and publishes … Read morePublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Introduction