Chaos Mesh – Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

In this post, we discuss the resilience test problem and why chaos mesh emerged. Then we go over a lab of chaos mesh with a few experiments. The Problem I used to support a server application installed in customer’s data centre. The server application receives data from client application, cleanse the data and put them … Read moreChaos Mesh – Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

Performance Analysis

Overview In 2015, Brendan Gregg posted two great articles on Netflix blog: Linux Performance Analysis in 60 seconds, and Linux Perfomrance Tools. They have great value when I was in a urgency to spot performance issues. The articles cover the essential tools for performance troubleshooting, including: We will dive into each of them in the … Read morePerformance Analysis

How memory usage adds up in Linux

There are too many metrics that describes some aspects about memory in Linux. Further to an old article on this site, where several concepts were discussed, this posting will make sense of those common metrics in Linux, CentOS as an example. The most fundamental command is free and my favourite switch is -h for human … Read moreHow memory usage adds up in Linux