Nginx as a reverse proxy for Nifi web UI and Kibana

Nginx can act as a application neutral proxy. One example is to front Nifi. The nifi default configuration provides an HTTP access point, specified in the following entries in Nifi can provide secure port by commenting out the lines above and provide the followings: However, it does require configuring JKS keystore for Java, as … Read moreNginx as a reverse proxy for Nifi web UI and Kibana

Quick way to configure Rest API service

Working in IT, we sometimes want the customer to have an API to perform pre-defined activities on our servers. We are hoping to manage the activities in a script to control what can be done, allow customer or partner to perform the activities on their own. Restful API is a great way to simplify and … Read moreQuick way to configure Rest API service

Basics of Linux OS

These are the things quite confusing or abstract while I was at school but now makes lots of sense after many years working with different flavours of OS. GPL and BSD as software license types The main difference is that BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a permissive (non-protective) license, while GPL(GNU General Public License) is … Read moreBasics of Linux OS