WordPress Security

Background In 2019, I moved this site to WordPress hosted on an Amazon Lightsail instance. There were few visits at that time so I lived with the single-server architecture. The website traffic has since been in steady growth but I have been too busy to catch up with the WordPress security setup. In July 2023, … Read moreWordPress Security

Migrate WordPress to static website

What for Someone who I maintain website for realized the bill of a public cloud provider isn’t exactly as expected. The computing resource falls under “free tier” but the disk isn’t. And the cost of disk usage is the surprise. Second, WordPress does a good job building the initial website but requires a hosting EC2 … Read moreMigrate WordPress to static website

A second WordPress site with EC2 instance

I came across another personal project for friend to migrate a static site to word press site. The original site is on Jekyll + Bootstrap hosted on GitHub. However, the original site does not have a lot of content to justify a special migration effort. So I just create it from scratch. I outlined how … Read moreA second WordPress site with EC2 instance

A WordPress site with Lightsail in one hour

My challenge with my just revived wordpress.com site is the plug-ins. Even paied premium users cannot install plug-ins for diagram, etc. Upgrading to business plan for $33 a month is a bit luxurious for a site just for fun. 14 years ago I prototyped an intranet site in university in an all summer long project … Read moreA WordPress site with Lightsail in one hour