How imaging devices talk to each other (in DICOM)

Overview In the previous post I briefly touched on DICOM as the crucial standard in medical imaging for both data exchanging and data storage. It is important to understand that DICOM is such a massive standard that, beyond data exchanging and storage, has expanded into many different areas around imaging, that no device (or information … Read moreHow imaging devices talk to each other (in DICOM)

Deployment of a medical imaging web service

[Update] Some security improvement was introduced in may 2021. Here‘s detail. In this project we introduce a medical imaging web service based on Orthanc, an open-source project of DICOM server, and a pipeline to deploy such server automatically and consistently. This little project involves a number of technical deets in DevOps, to deliver a web … Read moreDeployment of a medical imaging web service

DICOM data encoding

DICOM is a standard for medical imaging exchanges, originally in radiology, but later expanded into other departments where mass imaging data are acquired, such as cardiology. One part of the DICOM standard defines how to lay out the data without providing any official code implementation. It is up to each vendor to implement their application … Read moreDICOM data encoding