Common local Git operations

This is a summary of concepts in common Git operations. We will discuss brach, merge, rebase, cherrypick, stash and reset. Then we’ll discuss pull, fetch, and push. Commit, Branch and HEAD When you run “git commit”, the following happens: Git checksums each subdirectory, and stores them as a tree object (file path and name) and … Read moreCommon local Git operations

Clean up Git repository

A BitBucket repo has a hard limit of 2GB in size, and soft limit of 1GB. This is not expandable as per Bitbucket and contributors will start receiving warnings once soft limit is reached. We can tell the usage of a repo from the landing page of the repo in BitBucket. Git is a distributed version control system … Read moreClean up Git repository

Git Explained 1 of 2

In a nutshell, Git is a distributed version control system, commonly used as source control management. It places files in one of three logical areas (working dir, staging, repo) below depending where it is in its lifecycle. There are many cheetsheets out there but this article will just sort through some concepts unique to Git. … Read moreGit Explained 1 of 2