Knative Eventing Introduction

In the previous post, I mentioned that Knative Serving and Knative Eventing should be seen as two different projects. The former is supposed to be widely used as a serving layer for microservices, whereas the latter has a narrower customer base. There are a dozen companies who need to build Platform as a Service, and … Read moreKnative Eventing Introduction

Knative Serving Introduction

Background As per IBM‘s definition, Knative enables serverless workloads to run on Kubernetes clusters, and makes building and orchestrating containers with Kubernetes faster and easier. It has drawn a lot of attention recently. It released version 1.0 in November 2021, and was accepted as a CNCF incubating project in March 2022. Glories aside, the value … Read moreKnative Serving Introduction

FluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

This post explains why I land on FluxCD GitOps for my project. Let’s star Background In the Korthweb project, I landed on Istio for the Ingress Gateway technology. I first attempted to expand the orthanc Helm Chart to bring Istio as dependency (sub-chart). One of the external chart for Istio gateway needs to be referenced … Read moreFluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

From Ingress to CRD: why my solution needs Istio Gateways on Kubernetes platforms

Update: also read my other article here on the different generations of ingress technologies. In my Korthweb project I was researching for the best ingress mechanism for HTTP and TCP workload, both of which need to be secured. I started with Kubernetes Ingress but eventually decided to go with Istio Gateway. This blog post is … Read moreFrom Ingress to CRD: why my solution needs Istio Gateways on Kubernetes platforms

Istio Lab – Ingress and Egress

Istio is a popular open-source service mesh implementation using Envoy proxy. One of the benefit of using Istio is the ingress and egress it brings to native Kubernetes platform. This article is a hands-on guide to test Istio ingress and egress gateways on Minikube. It was tested on my MacBook. All the information in this … Read moreIstio Lab – Ingress and Egress

Service and Ingress -Traffic Management in Kubernetes

Update 2022-08 – Read my latest article on ingress traffic management. In this post we discuss the traffic management in Kubernetes, specifically on Service and Ingress objects. Let’s start with a traditional architecture: Network Load Balancer Network Load Balancer Client Client VM VM nginX nginX App1Service App1… App2Service App2… VM VM nginX nginX App1Service App1… … Read moreService and Ingress -Traffic Management in Kubernetes