Local multi-node cluster – Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD

In this post we compare Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD as different approaches to build multi-node cluster locally. Is Docker desktop bad? In the previous post about docker desktop as a single-node Kubernetes cluster setup, I touched on the deprecation of docker-shim. Now that CRI beats OCI as the standard for container runtime, the docker runtime … Read moreLocal multi-node cluster – Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD

Single-node Kubernetes cluster – docker desktop

While there are many tools to set up single-node Kubernetes cluster (e.g. minikube, MicroK8s, kind, or k3s with the k3d wrapper), docker-desktop has a significant advantage: it comes with Docker installation, on MacOS, or on Windows. It is installed simply by enabling the option “Enable Kubernetes”. It can be blown away and reset in a … Read moreSingle-node Kubernetes cluster – docker desktop