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    GitHub Action Gotchas

    I started with GitHub Actions a couple years ago. Recently I came across a few interesting use cases while I was trying to setup Terraform…

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    AWS serverless services and developer tools

    As discussed, serverless simply means cloud services that delegate autoscaling management to cloud platform. In my mind, the word “serverless” translates into “managed autoscaling”. As…

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    Kick the tires on ArgoCD

    Background In January, I wrote about FluxCD, and adopted it in the Korthweb project. I like the simple design of FluxCD, and I am comfortable…

  • Getting started with GitHub Actions

    In my orthweb project, I had to compile a library on my own. In search for free computing resources I realized that GitHub action can…

  • Git Branching Strategy

    Having been in two discussions about Git branching strategy with different organizations, I decide to jot down the details of all the common branching strategies…

  • Automatic deployment of Orthanc on AWS

    [Update] Some security improvement was introduced in may 2021. Here‘s detail. [Update] Here’s the link to the orthweb repository. In this project we introduce a…