FluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

Background In the Korthweb project, I landed on Istio for the Ingress Gateway technology. I first attempted to expand the orthanc Helm Chart to bring Istio as dependency (sub-chart). One of the external chart for Istio gateway needs to be referenced multiple times (for ingress and egress). However, it cannot even be used as dependency … Read moreFluxCD: Continuous Deployment with GitOps

Creating self-signed x.509 certificate

In deployment automation, I often had to create self-signed X509 certificate for testing. This post summarized the three approaches I’ve taken. The OpenSSL way Traditionally, this is done in three OpenSSL commands: I have an older post to cover the basics of cryptography in TLS certificate and PKI. In the three commands above, the first … Read moreCreating self-signed x.509 certificate

Infrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

In a previous post, I introduced Terraform Cloud and covered how to use AWS profiles with Terraform. This time I explored some alternatives to Terraform Cloud, and use Scalr as an example of multi-cloud management platform. I will also discuss some issues I’ve came across while managing permissions and variables for Terraform. Scalr Scalr is … Read moreInfrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

Git Branching Strategies

Having been in two discussions about Git Branching Strategies with different organizations, I decide to jot down the details of all the common branching strategies in one post. This should help organizations develop their branching policies. There is a lot from Atlassian documentation. I also find this article a good resource. Centralized workflow (no branching) … Read moreGit Branching Strategies