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  • Thumbnail for AKS Lessons Learned 1 of 2

    AKS Lessons Learned 1 of 2

    In general, troubleshooting Kubernetes is tricky. That is because one has to get in and out of pods. I took two days to troubleshoot some…

  • AWS CDK example in Typescript – provision an AWX server

    This post provides an example of using AWS CDK in Typescript. Ansible Tower and AWX We have used open-source Ansible extensively in the past. While…

  • IPVS, iptables and kube-proxy

    This is an overview of the underlying technologies that drives load balancing. It covers LVS, Netfilter, iptables, IPVS and eventually kube-proxy. LVS (Linux Virtual Server)…

  • Host legacy application in Docker 2 of 2

    My previous notes include some tricks in hosting legacy application in docker. This is a continuation from that work, after 1.5 months… Use Case I…

  • Automated Deployment Pipeline 3 of 3

    Background We have previously covered a pipeline example with Jenkins calling Ansible to leverage OpenSSH configuration and Ansible inventory. We also discussed a use case…

  • Automated Deployment Pipeline 2 of 3

    In this posting, we continue to discuss Jenkins’ ability to automate deployment routines. Jenkins supports freestyle project out of the box, as well as Pipeline…