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  • Thumbnail for Kubernetes Platform as a Service and Red Hat OpenShift

    Kubernetes Platform as a Service and Red Hat OpenShift

    The Three-layer model Kubernetes is so complex that it becomes a buzz word itself. I categorize the related work into three layers: a cluster layer,…

  • Kafka high-level Overview

    Zookeeper General definition of distributed system: a software system that is composed of independent computing entities linked together by a computer network whose components communicate…

  • Performance Analysis

    Overview In 2015, Brendan Gregg posted two great articles on Netflix blog: Linux Performance Analysis in 60 seconds, and Linux Perfomrance Tools. They have great…

  • Balloon steals memory from virtual machines

    This article is my experience with memory balloon on virtual machine. I came across an ElasticSearch server (ESXi guest with 32GB physical memory) where the…

  • How memory usage adds up in Linux

    There are too many metrics that describes some aspects about memory in Linux. Further to an old article on this site, where several concepts were…

  • High Availability and Load Balancer

    Overview Fault tolerance and high availability are two architectural characteristics that people often confuse with each other. High availability focuses on minimizing downtime. It guarantees…