Infrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

In a previous post, I introduced Terraform Cloud and covered how to use AWS profiles with Terraform. This time I explored some alternatives to Terraform Cloud, and use Scalr as an example of multi-cloud management platform. I will also discuss some issues I’ve came across while managing permissions and variables for Terraform. Scalr Scalr is … Read moreInfrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

A shallow dive into Artificial Intelligence

This is what I have learned after writing the Azure AI fundamentals exam. Overview Artificial intelligence is the software that imitates human behaviours and capabilities. AI encompasses a very broad range of areas. In Azure’s product offering, it breaks it down into four application areas: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing and conversational AI. … Read moreA shallow dive into Artificial Intelligence

Cloud storage overview

In a narrow sense, cloud storage refers to object storage. In a broader sense, it refers to any storage service (block, file or object level) provided by cloud vendors, in a cloud business model. The underlying technology of storage, is the same be it in the cloud or on-premise. Block storage File storage object Interaction … Read moreCloud storage overview