Kubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 1 of 2 – Container Image

While working on a multi-arch Kubernetes cluster, I came across quite a few issues with image logistics and decided to put these issues in a separate post here. The goal is to supply images with multi-arch support in a standard way. Therefore it is not advisable to rely only on arbitrary image tags to distinguish … Read moreKubernetes with Multiple CPU Architectures 1 of 2 – Container Image

Local multi-node cluster – Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD

In this post we compare Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD as different approaches to build multi-node cluster locally. Is Docker desktop bad? In the previous post about docker desktop as a single-node Kubernetes cluster setup, I touched on the deprecation of docker-shim. Now that CRI beats OCI as the standard for container runtime, the docker runtime … Read moreLocal multi-node cluster – Minikube, MicroK8s and KinD

Getting started with GitHub Actions

In my orthweb project, I had to compile a library on my own. In search for free computing resources I realized that GitHub action can meet all my needs. CI/CD pipeline As a development project grows, there are many operational tasks demanding automation. Prior to pipeline technology, developers used to use Makefile to organize command … Read moreGetting started with GitHub Actions

Secure web application deployment

In Nov 2020, I created OrthWeb project, a deployment of Orthanc’s server. Orthanc is a DICOM viewer and repo shipped in Docker container. In the deployment project, I use Terraform to provision infrastructure, including a managed PostgreSQL instance, an EC2 instance for docker runtime, and the init script to bring up the web service. I … Read moreSecure web application deployment

Automatic deployment of Orthanc on AWS

[Update] Some security improvement was introduced in may 2021. Here‘s detail. [Update] Here’s the link to the orthweb repository. In this project we introduce a medical imaging web service based on Orthanc, an open-source project of DICOM server, and a pipeline to deploy such server automatically and consistently. We deploy Orthanc on AWS automatically. This … Read moreAutomatic deployment of Orthanc on AWS

Docker storage

Microservices are all about stateless and ephemeral workloads, and containers are great microservices. This may suggest that that Docker is all about ephemeral storage. In fact, Docker supports both non-persistent and persistent storage, such as database, kafka, etc. Non-persistent storage is automatically created, alongside the container and is tied to the lifecycle of the container. … Read moreDocker storage