Orchestrate Landing Zone with AWS Control Tower

Following an introduction to AWS Landing Zone, I’ll dive deeper into Control Tower as an orchestration tool in this post. More on Landing Zone In data center operation, there are numerous tasks that other teams have to complete before the the deployment of an application. For example, the 42U server cabinet must be in place … Read moreOrchestrate Landing Zone with AWS Control Tower

Kubernetes Storage on Azure 1 of 3 – built-in storage and NFS

In the previous post, we understand that to host stateful workload, we need to manage persistent storage to the Kubernetes platform. In this post, I will explore the different storage options. These options are specific to Azure Kubernetes service. However, the principals apply to any Kubernetes platform regardless of cloud vendor. In another old post, … Read moreKubernetes Storage on Azure 1 of 3 – built-in storage and NFS

AKS Lessons Learned 2 of 2

Even though Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a managed service, building a cluster is not trivial. For help resources, I would start with the webinar “Configure Your AKS cluster with Confidence” from April 2021, which focuses on a set of working best practices (convention over configuration) but obviously not every recommendation suits every use case. … Read moreAKS Lessons Learned 2 of 2

Infrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

In a previous post, I introduced Terraform Cloud and covered how to use AWS profiles with Terraform. This time I explored some alternatives to Terraform Cloud, in the context of Azure. I use Scalr as an example of multi-cloud management platform. I will also discuss some issues I’ve came across while managing permissions and variables … Read moreInfrastructure deployment in Terraform 2/2

Azure Deets

Both Azure and AWS are leading players in public cloud. AWS developed a lot of SMB customer in technology. Azure attracted many enterprises from their on-prem customers. In addition to clienteles, their models to manage resources in the cloud are also different in several aspects. While this post is by no means a comprehensive comparison, … Read moreAzure Deets