Kubernetes Storage on Azure 3 of 3 – Ceph by Rook

In the last two posts, I covered the native storage options on Azure Kubernetes Service, as well as Portworx as an example of a proprietary Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution. There are also a number of open-source alternative SDS solutions. Ceph has nearly a decade of history from prior to containerization, and is the most … Read moreKubernetes Storage on Azure 3 of 3 – Ceph by Rook

Kubernetes Storage on Azure 2 of 3 – Portworx

In the previous post, we have discussed built-in storage classes on Azure Kubernetes. Further to that, we will examine some third-party software defined storage (SDS) options that are compatible with Azure Kubernetes Service in this post. Then we take Portworx on Azure as an example. Although, these options are specific to Azure, most of the … Read moreKubernetes Storage on Azure 2 of 3 – Portworx

Intro to Ceph storage

Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability. In this post, I will introduce Ceph and explain how it stands out from traditional enterprise storage technology. Software defined storage In the realm of enterprise storage, I discussed PowerScale (Isilon) from Dell EMC, and touched on ONTAP by NetApp as … Read moreIntro to Ceph storage

Kick the tires on ArgoCD

Background In January, I wrote about FluxCD, and adopted it in the Korthweb project. I like the simple design of FluxCD, and I am comfortable with commands without using a web UI. Half a year later, I am re-visiting this choice, with ArgoCD in mind. After reading numerous recent posts that compare the two (such … Read moreKick the tires on ArgoCD

Chaos Mesh – Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

In this post, we discuss the resilience test problem and why chaos mesh emerged. Then we go over a lab of chaos mesh with a few experiments. The Problem I used to support a server application installed in customer’s data centre. The server application receives data from client application, cleanse the data and put them … Read moreChaos Mesh – Cloud Native Chaos Engineering