A dog parent’s psychological curve

Lola is a girl name, of Spanish origin meaning “sorrows.” She is 15 month old now, weighing around 30 pounds. She is a mini goldendoodle, an F1B mix between poodle and golden retriever, with a straight coat. We like to cut her hair short for low maintenance and the retriever look.

She’s playful, docile, smart and a little timid. She has learned a lot in different real-life scenarios. She was crate trained in a play pen during the day until 6 to 7 month-old. Then she’s chartered to explore the living room and kitchen. She goes on a walk three times a day in the Summer. In the winter we only walk her twice with a potty break each day. She likes the trails around neighbourhood.

Containing excitement is what most dogs have to work on to develop stable behaviours and fit in our family life. That requires a lot of obedience training, play sessions, and socialization in their puppyhood. To socialize Lola I’ve taken her around dog parks, on city streets, on passenger trains, in home improvement stores and in my office.

She is still practicing loose leash walk and learning to remain calm over passing dogs. Occasionally the adolescent will give me a rebellion. Taking care of a puppy might be troublesome at the beginning but I am starting to reap the rewards now. The more she grows into an adult, the more she feels like an angel.