Hosting database on Kubernetes

Background “We want to host Postgres database on Kubernetes. Can you help us?”. The client appears assertive and reluctant to resort to managed services. So I did some homework and went through this tutorial. My thought: it’s doable, but don’t do it unless operating database as a service is your main business. I believed that … Read moreHosting database on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Storage Explained – from in-tree plugin to CSI

To support a variety of storage backend, Kubernetes abstract storage issues with several objects (volume, persistent volume, persistent volume claim, storage class) and adopts container storage interface. Unfortunately, the documents are not very well organized to deliver the idea of these concepts, most likely because features are introduced at very different times. Hence this article. … Read moreKubernetes Storage Explained – from in-tree plugin to CSI

Basic Resource Object in Kubernetes 2 of 2

We continued from previous posting about resource object, starting from storage related ones. In Kubernetes, we use the term volume to refer to a section storage device. There are many plugins, compliant to Container Storage Interface (CSI), to allow heterogeneous storage resources to be surfaced as volumes in Kubernetes. CSI allows storage driver to operate … Read moreBasic Resource Object in Kubernetes 2 of 2