GraphQL and gRPC

Big Picture For inter-process communication at a high level, the two styles are asynchronous and synchronous styles: Asynchronous event-driven style: involving an event broker as a middle man. Synchronous request-response style: including several families of technologies: RPC (Remote Procedure Call): CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation) SOAP (Simple Object Access … Read moreGraphQL and gRPC

AWS CDK example in Typescript – provision an AWX server

This post provides an example of using AWS CDK in Typescript. Ansible Tower and AWX We have used open-source Ansible extensively in the past. While the automation is convenient, the lack of UI makes it not as suitable as a team collaboration tool. One way to allow team collaboration with open-source Ansible, is to use … Read moreAWS CDK example in Typescript – provision an AWX server

Quick way to configure Rest API service

Working in IT, we sometimes want the customer to have an API to perform pre-defined activities on our servers. We are hoping to manage the activities in a script to control what can be done, allow customer or partner to perform the activities on their own. Restful API is a great way to simplify and … Read moreQuick way to configure Rest API service