Getting started with GitHub Actions

In my orthweb project, I had to compile a library on my own. In search for free computing resources I realized that GitHub action can meet all my needs. CI/CD pipeline As a development project grows, there are many operational tasks demanding automation. Prior to pipeline technology, developers used to use Makefile to organize command … Read moreGetting started with GitHub Actions

Secure web application deployment

In Nov 2020, I created OrthWeb project, a deployment of Orthanc’s server. Orthanc is a DICOM viewer and repo shipped in Docker container. In the deployment project, I use Terraform to provision infrastructure, including a managed PostgreSQL instance, an EC2 instance for docker runtime, and the init script to bring up the web service. I … Read moreSecure web application deployment

Basic Resource Object in Kubernetes 2 of 2

We continued from previous posting about resource object, starting from storage related ones. In Kubernetes, we use the term volume to refer to a section storage device. There are many plugins, compliant to Container Storage Interface (CSI), to allow heterogeneous storage resources to be surfaced as volumes in Kubernetes. CSI allows storage driver to operate … Read moreBasic Resource Object in Kubernetes 2 of 2